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Eoslux wireless LED lights instantly increase safety, security and convenience

As a self-set OEM service provider, Eoslux designs innovative, performance, specification grade wireless LED lighting, supplying a vast array of battery motion sensor lights, solar outdoor motion light, wireless under cabinet lighting to the markets of Home Decor, home improvement, home automation, Furniture, corporate gifts, hospitality, healthcare, warehouses, retail chain, car dealerships and camping, etc. 

How Can You Find The Right Factory?

Original product designs

A product design inspired by extensive trend and market research is so important. Eoslux always designs the products are able to solve the problem of security and convenience around the home. We clearly know once Eoslux doesn’t meet consumer needs or not add value does not have a long future.

The initial product research will help you evaluate your idea for a new product and service and see if there is a need for it and what it is that your potential customers are looking for.

Super duper easy to work together

A lot of customers said that Eoslux isn’t the largest company, not the strongest manufacturing as well, but is the few companies in this industry that they can reach 24/7.

Our business philosophy is to solve all the problems and leave you to sit back and relax.

Consistent quality control

When customers feel that they can count on the consistent quality of your products, they’re more likely to give you their repeat business. Consistent quality takes hard work, attention to detail and systems for monitoring and assessing whether your products meet the standards you have set. Quality control is an ongoing process that touches everything from purchasing to manufacturing to distribution.

On-time shipment

As a manufacturer, getting your products to your clients on time is critical. While no client wants delays receiving parts, the “just in time” program increases your responsibility.

When clients are depending on receiving their order on a set date and time, any delays can cost your business good will. Failures are costly, they will negatively impact your reputation and will cost your clients.

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